Starting with EMsoft release 5.0, we make available a python wrapper library for a subset of the EMsoft modules. As time goes on, we will be adding additional modules to this wrapper library.  The wrappers have been tested on Mac OS X and Linux; additional testing on Windows 10 is underway, and will be made available in the near future.

GitHub:EMsoft-org: pyEMsoft

pyEMsoft is a wrapper library that incorporates the following modules from the EMsoft package:  local.f90, io.f90, error.f90, CLsupport.f90, constants.f90, math.f90, rng.f90, typedefs.f90, crystal.f90, symmetry.f90, files.f90, others.f90, quaternions.f90, Lambert.f90, rotations.f90, diffraction.f90, so3.f90, dictmod.f90, filters.f90, detectors.f90, fftw3mod.f90, NameListTypedefs.f90, NameListHandlers.f90, commonmod.f90, HDFsupport.f90, utilities.f90, EBSDmod.f90, stringconstants.f90.

Other modules will be added in the future.  Our goal is to have python access to all of EMsoft.

readthedocs: pyEMsoft

Help pages explaining the creation of the wrapper library as well as providing examples of all available wrappers are available from this link.  As we update the wrappers and documentation, this site will be updated automatically.

Google Users Group

The Google EMsoft users group is a private group (you can request access); you will find messages from other users, questions and answers regarding installation and compilation, and so on.  New releases are announced through this forum as well as on this page. Questions regarding pyEMsoft should also be directed to this forum.